The retro-reflective road markers are elements that are intended to delineate road segments that because of its design, hazard or lack of visibility, could be dangerous and need to be marked up to warn the driver of their presence. The retro-reflective road markers comply with the ASTM D-4280 standard and EG-2000 standard (General Technical Standard issued by the Peru Department of Transportation).


  • Dimensions: 4’’x4’’x0.656’’.
  • Structure: ABS molded (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), is a high resistant and long lasting plastic.
  • Filling: Epoxy compound designed to endure impacts.
  • Lens: Acrylic based (methyl Methacrylate) high impact and trapezoidal shape, made up of high degree prisms with a 30° slope in compliance with ASTM D-4280 standard.



  • Two way Retro-reflective Yellow Road Maker: Yellow Body and Lens.
  • Two way Retro-reflective White Road Marker: White Body and Lens.
  • Two way Retro-reflective Bicolor (Red/White) Road Marker: White Body and Red/White Lens.


In Peru we represent RAYOLITE-SEMEX (Mexico).