The informative signs are elements that are used to guide the driver of a vehicle through a particular route directing him to his destination. These signs are intended to identify significant points such as cities, rivers, historical sites, etc; and to assist the driver in the use of the road or in the conservation of natural resources, human archaeological and cultural environment within the road. The signs comply with the EG-2000 standard (General Technical Standard issued by the Peru Department of Transportation).


  • Dimensions: May change.
  • Shape: Rectangular; may change based on the regulation..
  • Base: 4 mm thick fiber glass plate, with 1/8’’x1’’ steel framework and 1/8’’ x 1 ½’’ steel reinforcement. 3/8’’x 4’’ bolts anchored at the back of the panel.
  • Color: Green or blue engineering grade retro-reflective sheeting background (the color may change based on the standard). Symbols, letters or frames are made using white high intensity retro-reflective sheeting.

The mileage post is used to indicate the distance from the start of the road to the location of the post. The posts are placed every one to five kilometers. On the right side of the road are installed the pair numbers, and on the left side of the road are installed the odd numbers.

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Touristic signs are elements intended to guide all local and foreign visitors to the different touristic attraction and services in Peru and to facilitate their travel to domestic destinations.